Friday, May 13, 2011

Start Saving!

With the economy hitting everyone hard these days there is no better feeling than to save money.  Even if it's just a dollar here or there.  My husband and I have felt the full blow of the economic failures these past few years suffering through lay offs, pay cuts, company failures, and as many others a very tight pocket book.  With times getting tighter by the day I found myself yearning for any activity that would save or make us money.  Little did I realize, the easiest way to save a ton on day to day items had been right under my nose...Coupon Clipping!  And so it began.  I was able to start saving at least 70% on every trip to the grocery store and actually putting money back into our pockets.  By stock piling items that can be used in the future, getting the latest updates from store sites, blogs and websites, reading articles and watching tv episodes on ways to save I was completely engulfed in saving and changing my family's financial situation. 

With all of the resources available today it is easier than ever to find coupons and savings to help your family's budget.  Couponing has become a huge craze this year so I have started compiling my own list of coupons and savings in the Atlanta area to share the wealth.  I hope these matchups, tips, tricks and articles will help others as much as it has my family.  Never did I think that all those days clipping coupons for my mother when I was young would be the ultimate savior for my family some 20 years down the road.  Thanks mom!  Happy Shopping!


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